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[Angel Light] Insect Bites, Itching Relief, Skin Care
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[Angel Light] Insect Bites, Itching Relief, Skin Care

Brand Story

Insect bites, itching relief, skin care
The best gift of pregnant women and baby, infant and children available

Main Characteristics

Insect bites

  • Itching relief when mosquito or insect bites
  • Treatment to the inside of skin using the special wavelength range LED
  • New concept, new product, patent pending

Skin itching relief like a atopic dermatitis, eczema etc.

  • Relieve itching the itchy section without scratching by hands.
  • Effect to skin diseases by 620nm LED

Skin beauty

  • Open the pores and to promote the feeding to the skin through to keep 40°C of the Angel lights surface temperature.
  • The effect is growth to use the Angel Light after applying skin care cosmetics.
  • Angel Light can get rid of the waste under the skin and activate skin respiration with cellular tissue activation - the characteristics of the far-infrared, so you can get skin regeneration effect.

Far-infrared radiation_ Ceramic Coating

What is far-infrared?

The far-infrared rays are passed through the skin into 4 ~ 5cm and it permeated to the skin eightyfold than nomal heat.
The far-infrared rays activating the cellular tissue through the tiny vibration more than 2,000 times in 60 seconds.

The far-infrared effects

  • Extend the capillary vessel through accelerate blood circulation
  • Skin beauty effect through the waste removal
  • relieve inflammation, antibacterial, antifungal and deodorizing effect
  • The thermal effect and the increase of skin blood flow
  • Clearing the blood

source : The physiological effect about the far infrared thermal effect concern the body temperature. (Hea-Kwang Lee)
The actual far Infrared Therapy : There is no incurable disease. Toshiko Yamazaki

How to Use

Face Massage

Massage to joint pain

The tickle and insect bites



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